Behind the Scenes: Making the Mountech System

For years, we had relied on RAM Mounts, 67 Designs, and Bulletpoint Mounting Solutions, just to name a few, to secure our devices on various trucks and SUVs. Each of these options had its merits, but there was always something we liked from one and not the other. It became clear that while the mounting industry, especially the phone mount segment, was saturated, there was still room for a better solution. This realization fueled our desire to create Mountech, a brand that would combine the best aspects of existing mounts while addressing their limitations.

Bringing Mountech to life presented numerous challenges. How could we improve on designs that had already proven themselves? Where was the untapped potential for enhancement? Aesthetics played a significant role in our considerations as well. We wanted our mounts to not only perform exceptionally but also look appealing to our customers. Finding the right balance between form and function was crucial in creating a product that would resonate with users.

Another crucial decision we faced was selecting the ideal material for our mounts. We deliberated between aluminum, plastic, and carbon fiber. Each material had its advantages and drawbacks, and we carefully evaluated their performance, durability, and weight. Ultimately, we settled on utilizing aluminum for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, ensuring that our mounts would be sturdy yet lightweight, capable of withstanding the demands of various environments.

In addition to material selection, we grappled with the question of attachment options. Should we offer a plethora of attachments to cater to every scenario, or should we focus on creating a few attachments that excelled in their functionality? We recognized that simplicity and versatility were key factors for our customers. We opted to strike a balance, designing a select range of attachments that would cover the most common mounting needs while ensuring their outstanding performance and reliability. We'll begin by offering a basic selection and grow that catalog as we learn how our customers use the mounts.

We faced another critical decision during the development of Mountech: the choice of attachment interface. After careful consideration, we deliberately opted to incorporate a 1" ball in our design. By utilizing a 1" ball, we ensured compatibility with other brand attachments that follow the same industry-standard size. Our intention was not to limit customers to using only Mountech accessories but to empower them with the freedom of choice. We understand that everyone has unique preferences and specific needs, and our 1" ball interface ensures that they can still make use of their preferred attachments while benefiting from the superior performance and reliability of Mountech's mounting system.

Throughout the development process, we engaged in extensive research, prototyping, and testing. We sought feedback from users, carefully considering their input to refine our designs further. It was a journey of continuous improvement and innovation, driven by our commitment to delivering a mounting solution that would exceed expectations.

In conclusion, the making of Mountech was not about reinventing the wheel but rather curating the best parts of the competition and refining them into a superior product. We tackled challenges, such as improving already proven designs, identifying room for enhancement, determining the most appealing aesthetic, selecting the optimal material, and deciding on attachment options. Our dedication to excellence and attention to detail fueled our journey to create a mount that offers exceptional performance, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Mountech is the culmination of our relentless pursuit of a better mounting solution, and we are proud to offer it to our customers.

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