Who is Mountech?

In 2016, I started a small business in the basement of my Minnesota home - BuiltRight Industries. Among other things, we designed and manufactured the best vehicle-specific device mounting platforms in the world. Not long after introducing our first Dash Mount, we began selling attachments made by other manufacturers to help our customers find a complete solution.

What we found over time is that most of the options were cheap and low quality or industrial in nature, lacking the refinement that our customers expect from BuiltRight products.

Today, with a team of dedicated professionals, driven by a shared passion for meticulous engineering and a commitment to superior quality, we're proud to offer our own line of components without compromise. With a combined 25yrs years of experience in the gear-mounting industry, we've witnessed the frustration caused by these cheap, unreliable, unrefined and needlessly complex mounting solutions. This drove us to create innovative, durable, and attractive mounts that are up to the task in any environment. It is our sole mission to provide you with exceptional device-mounting products that are built to last.

Matt Beenen, Founder

Lifetime Warranty

Our Buy It For Life Guarantee

If you're not happy with your Mountech product, we don't want you to have it. For as long as you own the gear that you purchased from us, we pledge to support it and replace it should you have any trouble.

We design our products to outlast their users. If they fail to do that, it's on us.